Safety and Security

To ensure your experience at Southern Cross Station is as enjoyable as possible, please take note of the following safety and security information.

General Safety

  • Plan your journey ahead
  • Avoid running throughout the station, particularly when it is wet
  • Bicycle riding, skateboarding and rollerblading is not permitted within the station
  • By law, smoking is prohibited in all covered areas at the Station, including platforms. Penalties apply.
  • Look out for moving vehicles

Escalator Safety

  • Don't run up or down the escalator
  • Hold onto the handrail at all times
  • Stand facing forward
  • Ensure Children are adequately supervised at all times
  • Passengers carrying bulky or heavy luggage, please use the elevator
  • Do not take station luggage trolleys onto escalators
  • Keep loose clothing/long dresses etc clear of steps and sides Don't rest objects on the handrail
  • Stand left of the escalator, clear of the sides and within the yellow lines
  • Walk off promptly and immediately move clear from the escalator

Safety around Trains

  • When waiting for the train, stand behind the yellow line at all times
  • Mind the gap between the train and the platform
  • Do not enter track area. Not only is crossing the tracks extremely dangerous, it is also illegal. Penalties apply.
  • Never retrieve an object on the tracks- ask a station staff member for assistance
  • Do not run on platforms, especially near the edge.



Suspicious activity - If you see someone acting suspiciously, see smoke, or witness anything unusual, immediately tell a station staff member or call security - 03 9619 1624

Unattended packages/luggage - If you find an unattended package or luggage, tell a station staff member or call security - 03 9619 1624. If you see someone leave a package, politely bring it to their attention.

Report crime immediately - Whether you are a witness or a victim of a crime, notify security immediately or Police 000.

In the event of an emergency within the station, listen to warning alarms, announcements and follow trained station employees.

Keep yourself and your belongings safe

  • Keep your belongings with you at all times
  • Conceal expensive electronic equipment and jewellery
  • Don't display large amounts of cash
  • Be cautious when using ATMs

Security, Transit Police and Protective Service Officer's patrol the station and platforms and can help you with any safety concerns.