Luggage Services

Luggage check in 

V/line and interstate train services

Passengers must deposit their bags at Luggage Hall a minimum of 30minutes before the service is scheduled for departure. This service is available for most V/Line train services and all interstate train services.

Please visit Luggage Hall, located within Southern Cross between the train and bus terminals, opposite Travellers Aid. 


Luggage Lockers

Luggage lockers are available in various sizes, and are located in areas throughout Southern Cross.

Dependant on size, prices are from;

3 hrs $6.00

24 hrs $12.00

2 days $24.00

3 days $36.00

4 days $48.00

5 days $60.00

6 days $72.00

7 days $84.00


Please note that all lockers more than 24 hours overdue will be cleared. Items left in overdue lockers may be retrieved at the Luggage Hall, however a $50.00 recovery fee will apply. Items not claimed for more than 7 days will be considered as lost property.